Sudbury Talks with Gwen Price


November 25, 2022 Gwen Price
Sudbury Talks with Gwen Price
Show Notes

Gwen talks with Brigitte Labby, the Director of Café Heritage and the exciting events they have lined up for December 2022.

Café-musique Productions Rayside-Balfour was incorporated on February 17, 2010. On May 4th, 2019, the non-profit organization changed its name to be Café Heritage. The new name reflects its past and dedication to animate its culture and heritage.

Café Festival Noël is designed to be the ultimate experience for visitors who want to experience the arts and culture of how French Canadians, Métis, and Acadians celebrated their respective Christmas seasons.

The setting for the Festival is Rayside-Balfour, one of Greater Sudbury’s thriving Francophone neighbourhoods and community leaders from across Greater Sudbury are united in planning, organizing, and implementing the many observances during the solstice and Christmas season.

It is one of several events planned.  Open for public viewing Friday,  December 16th to December 27th, scheduled hours 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

This project designed by Bélanger Salach Architects, will be promoted as the flagship attraction for Festival Noël. The primary intent of the project is based on two major themes; namely the Nativity and Christmas/Santa’s Village. The Nativity is life size!

The planning team’s vision is to bring the two themes to life through our most famous Christmas Carols.

What is your famous Christmas Carol? Will it be part of the displays? Come out to see the launch on December 16, 2022. Whitewater Lake, Azilda

For more information:
Brigitte Labby, Director, Café Héritage  705-674-0224